Personal Bio

I could tell you stories of far off African villages, crystal blue waters, near death experiences with an elephant, fairy tale endings, true love for 75 years, best friends, hele-hiking, bungee jumps, white water, marathons, great whites, ice-climbing, Petra, October fest, The Eiffel Tower, lions and tigers and bears, oh my! … and you may not believe that I was a witness – or a participant – in each and every story.  What you might understand is why I started my own business – when I was 20; why I work so hard to do the very best for my friends, family and clients; why I play so hard and why so much is so personal to me.

You might understand that my marketing background comes not only from my many educational and work experiences but from real, substantial life experiences.  I am involved in marketing because it is an outlet for both sides of my brain – the planning and detail oriented side as well as the creative side.