Strategic Consulting

Hardy Communications and Marketing is a strategic consulting firm with 15 years of experience in creating remarkable branding/re-branding campaigns and marketing strategies.

Our experience in creating a strategy for growth or expansion in the B2B service industry markets as well as our national retail, manufacturing, industrial, real estate development and public relations plans adds to our repertoire of experience and services provided. As a small and nimble firm, we take only a limited amount of customers and focus our efforts exclusively on creating a plan to reach their goals. Each plan we create is a custom work of art designed specifically with their needs, culture, immediate and future growth goals in mind.

Traditionally, this type of planning is related to a marketing or branding/re-branding need.  Exceptional expertise and maturity in creating a new brand, re-branding and creating perception in the marketplace to create a coveted benchmark position is what we do well.  Reinventing the branding or marketing strategy and campaign for successful but changing businesses, is a forté.

Strategic Approach:  The investment in creating a strategic approach to branding, and marketing, and integrating that with the sales process or plan is a very important component of the effective evolution of an established business.   The most successful businesses are finding a need and a way to appropriately “recreate” their most important outward marketing efforts to effectively continue growth and in some extreme cases, survive. Those most competent at continued measurable growth recognize that the right time to make significant changes in marketing and image is before the market forces a change –  those are the most steadfast companies because this initiative puts them on the leading edge of their industry and keeps them at the top of the market.  If you’re ready, that’s what we help you accomplish.

Hardy Communications and Marketing has the experience to create a brand and strategy that will incorporate the many aspects of any business, as well as providing a clear and concise strategic marketing message, plan, and sales goals and expectations.

Lead Generation:  Hardy Communications offers a unique, proven and repeatable lead generation process – exclusively offered to HCM customers – to create a pipeline of leads, or for use as a research tool in specific vertical markets, new markets or to test the water on a new product or service. This program has been used successfully by national, regional and local firms including fortune 100 companies and start up businesses – and is still used today by those same companies.  Implemented precisely with testing and results measurements, Hardy’s lead generation process is an exceptional and exclusive program producing 20%+ response rates consistently.

Strategic Marketing and Sales Integration and Implementation Team:  Hardy Communications and Marketing has an experienced, methodical and well seasoned team.  Our desire to understand your business and our research to create a different way of marketing your product through visuals and strategic marketing efforts is what we do best.  We’ll never send a junior associate to your meetings – we simply don’t employ that strategy.  You get the best all the time.  That’s why we are as picky about our clients as you should be about who you hire for your marketing.  We’re the perfect fit for our customers – are you one of them?  Let’s find out!

Call us for a Free, informational meeting, for more information or references on any of our services.  Thank you for considering Hardy Communications and Marketing!